The Fourth

found you, july, on the beach
the sun-glazed-protection slicked across your skin.
the water spotted breeze poked holes
through your cream white skirt
wet hair covered your face like tribal tattoos
a veteran to the elements
you wore it well.

conversations driven by beliefs in the earth and moon - that inexplicable push.
compliments drawn from past affections – do you remember when?
cohesiveness decided by elements earth and water - one feeds the other.
connections derived from cheshire smiles.

weathered but willing eyes
blame the syndicated chronicles of daily life
trivial and pointless
inverted eyes with a natural shadow
tireless beauty.

young bodies, old souls;
kindred spirits –
We will find Us.

by Floyd Crenshaw

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Comments (2)

very beautiful.....great imagery, good phrasing and a powerful clincher at the end. good job
Another very well written poem with some great phrases and lots of meaning well done