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The Fox In The Morning!
RF ( / Gloucetershire, London, Who Knows)

The Fox In The Morning!

Poem By Ray Feasey

The fox in the morning was out in the road
It stood looking at me its eyes gleaming gold
The slight mist and darkness framed it's clear silhouette
And I thought it unusual a sight I will not forget

It seemed like hours that we engaged eyes
Although it was only moments as it too was surprised
I slowly walked over and its departure began
It disappeared down an alley of houses it ran

It was no country fox I saw - just a city living animal
Must be scavenging around and seeking it’s food
and I guess there are thousands all over this town?
Just that I’ve never seen one and I have been around

Are they good are they vermin I am really not sure
But I know I liked this one for its cocky stature
The fact is we all leave so much rubbish and waste
And a city fox needs food so it’s no big disgrace

The fox in the morning was out in the road
I hope that one day I will again see
Those golden eyes locked on me!


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