Green Shoots In The Snow

The sun has sent the thaw so, from the rime-bound trees
The snow melts, dripping silver droplets from the leaves
And ivy, glossy green against the slush-grey snow
Shines out the Christmas message clear on those below,
That fresh green growth may spring from icy winter's heart
When all seems dead, as God, in Bethlehem would start
His earthly life when all was cold and still as stone:
New life in lifeless straw in manger all alone
Like small green shoots, a branch from Jesse's stem
In contrast to the grim grey world of sinful men
And, round the corner, holly bushes also show
Their shiny leaves but edged with prickles, thorns of woe
Like crown of thorns that graced their ill-used monarch's head
At Easter when the baby, now new-born was dead
And red the berries of the holly, like the blood
That flowed that Friday, which we label now as Good.
These evergreens, so stark against the melting snow
Remind us of that child born so, so long ago
But give us hope that even in the harshest cold
Life still lives on; it matters not if young or old,
We should appreciate God's Sun that blazed below
To cure man's cruel coldness, to thaw hearts like snow.

by C Richard Miles

Comments (4)

Wonderful observation here Uriah. Beautifully written too. Delightful to read. Love Ernestine XXX
Your compassionate view on human through a flimsy veil shines in this poem Uriah!
What beautiful empathy you have with fragility. It shines for all the world to see. I believe that your poems will have a very long life, Uriah. Take care. Sandra
And you make your reader feel the same. You pieces of observing what others overlook and speculating on the history behind that which you silently observe are second to none. t x