The Fragile Life Of Humans

A young mother
And a six year old daughter
Were crossing a busy intersection
To go to a public library.
The small girl was dancing
All gleeful and happy
On her way to check out books,
But her mother was walking slowly
With delicate, painful steps and required a cane.
I pondered what was the reason for this?
She is thirty at the most!
Perhaps, she suffered a car accident,
Maybe a sports-related injury,
Maybe a birth defect,
But it made me all heartbroken and sad
And I wanted to cry
For the fragile life of humans.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (4)

Wonderful observation here Uriah. Beautifully written too. Delightful to read. Love Ernestine XXX
Your compassionate view on human through a flimsy veil shines in this poem Uriah!
What beautiful empathy you have with fragility. It shines for all the world to see. I believe that your poems will have a very long life, Uriah. Take care. Sandra
And you make your reader feel the same. You pieces of observing what others overlook and speculating on the history behind that which you silently observe are second to none. t x