The Fragrance Of Love

Man's love for woman is instant;
Woman's love for man is latent.
Man's pursuit makes her love potent;
Woman's image makes man's love vibrant.

Woman takes time to build her love.
Till such time she delays courtships,
With pretence of ignorance and
Indifference and connivance.

She takes time to study the man
In love and verify his worth.
She needs time to sheds her shyness
And say love to the man of her choice.

Her response to love is blossom.
Knowing it gives the man a thrill,
Which is the peak of sexual pleasure
Got in the episode of love.

Since then the love may grow further,
Come to a standstill or abort.
Regardless of the result, stays
In lovers' memory the feelings.

Blossom has fragrance; so does love.
Failure of fruit kills not fragrance.
Lovers reminisce at their past love
And beam at their worth for the other.

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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