The Freedom We Sought

Overcoming the act of undermining others...
Without knowing the facts or scratching below,
Assumed surfaces to attract to oneself...
An attention to get,
To discover the foolishness of it...
May be easy for the ones undermined to forgive.
But a stupidity to forget?
Comes with a high price to pay.
To believe flattery and this to be given,
Is payment enough for those who had to endure...
The successful selling of ignorance.
Sold and delivered to ears and mouths,
Quick to flap lips with this done to do...
Loving to ruin lives by lies to have heard.
And embellished to gossip,
Destroyed relationships to do this effectively.
With this to cement as a detriment to prevent,
Any belief these existing divisive activities...
Creates the basis for a unity.

'We shall overcome.'

~Oh please.
The ignorance?
The deception?
The wish to be equal and intergrate?
Or denial? ~

'Who you asking?
Which one removes to replace,
Envy and self-hatred?
And a taste some are born,
To crave jealousy? '

Maybe that's the freedom we sought.
But can not recognize,
We still have this fight to overcome.
You know...
On a one to one basis.
To identify truth and why it is despised.~

Common sense 'with' patience to comprehend,
Is a novelty to many.
And most become either suspicious or offended,
Whenever it is presented.
Those times maybe coming but they aint here yet.
When people begin to regret what they have allowed.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Wonderful and amazingly narrated poem....thanx for sharing :)