The Friend I Lost

Although you are not here, i still think of you
Sometimes its so hard, cus you make me feel blue
Always there for me when bad things go worst
And always loving me and putting me first
Sharing laughs, kisses, tears and lies
Our best friend chain will never die
Always better than me at almost everything
I love the fact that your so forgiving
Its hard to forget about you, you know
When you were my hero, still, i didnt let it show
You were the type of person who is always kind
And people would admit that you were hard to find
Every since you left, i always pick a fight
I know that it is wrong and it is not right
So please come back to me and you'll see
I'll be a better person god wanted me to be
Your love and friendship is something i wont forget
Because your love and friendship is all i have left...

by Irene Shanece Torres

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