The Friend Of The Beauty

If my mouth is mine; my tongue is fine, my lips are in line, i will tell a tale you are the queen, of all queens and the queen of a king, you have been in my blood and you reside in my heart, you invaded my thought, with your golden images i will never forget, i wish you to smile the friend of the beauty, sample of your smile is the ocean of milk, you bright like the sun at full work, you walk on the ground like the moon above th roof of this earth, so sweat is your voice so bitter is honey, even the beauty talks of your beauty, 'oh! I am sunk, everything in her more than the beauty, from toe to her foot her ankle her leg and her body, so decent and so calm her action no room for the delay, to cover my valuable shame and embarrassment from today, you are the friend of the beauty.'

by Garba Ado Ibrahim

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