DG (2/27/94 / mexico)

The Friend That You'Ve Outgrown

Here's to the friend that you've outgrown,
the ones whose name is left unknown.
The one who whiped away your tears,
and sought to hold your hand.
When others turned the other day,
no beggining, just an end.

She's the one who you turned to,
the one that you called a friend.
She laughed with you, she cried with you,
nad felt it was her duty,
to remind you of your worth
and your inner beauty.

She held you secrets in her heart
that friends like you could share.
She never had to be alone,
but now she is cause you've outgrown.
For those whose laughs you share
as you run carefree through the air.

Time has eased you form and fade,
but she's the one who knew your grace,
when those who you know call your friends
saw no beggining.......just an end.

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