Human Rights

I have seen birds singing in the morning
They do not fear for any warning
They have full trust in nature for survival
How much happiness sun brings on arrival?

It is opening of new chapter
The life to be made joyous and roar in laughter
Each day is to be lived new challenges and outcome
Not to be afraid of any eventuality but always welcome

We need not go anywhere to seek for inspiration
It is in the fresh air when we attempt for inhalation
What a joy of freshness when lungs are filled?
The resolve for something more with confidence is instilled

The darkness or gloominess is removed with sunlight
It makes us to move with whatever we have as our might
It is not the limited strength but sources at disposal
Nice and swift action for result with very good proposal

As the day reaches its peak we are some where near zenith
We know for sure how much is still left the beneath
Some more confidence is needed for final push
As the sun is racing towards west with so much rush

It is time to reap the harvest in the evening
Time to return home for rest and dinning
Birds too are back returned in the nest
They have no time to think but we think always of best

We have been very lucky to be provided with sense
The atmosphere around never let us down or make tense
There is solution for everything but needs observation
Everything is there and opens for revelation

What soothing comfort in cool night?
It is time to relax and not to think or fight
The body needs rest and ready for sleep
You may be out in seconds and fast asleep

The whole cycle is destined for good
Everybody is in need or search of food
It is got when enough efforts are made
Nothing goes in waste and it is duly paid

We may not be satisfied and seek more
New avenues or possibilities are explored
There may not be any end for desire
It will go on endlessly and not expire

There has to be some degree of contentment
Any work done should not bring resentment
It has to be strong and healthy movement
The failure or success can be at any moment

It is better to seek and love the nature
It has to be guiding principle for future
Everything thing is around and one can honorably ask
There is no need to put life at risk

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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Altruism will not be shown out, wherever selfishness doesn't exist. What matters is, how much of this or that. Nice writing. Thanks for sharing.
Interesting but I think the guy is abnormal.
This is what most of the males are like. Dominant and arrogant. Your annoyance is understandable. Nice poem
your poem got me in perceive mood wow, how sweet n loving good of you
Intensity of exposing passion becomes sometime perverse, but no other way of making oneself other than animal while in love. Actually intensity is the degree of achieving nearness and that tends to cutting someones head off the body or the brain of someones head! .... Expression is unique.
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