RW (23 Aug / London)

The Frightening Fear

Fear of oneself is a fear deep within
To scrap through the noise and deepen the grim,
Though life is precious its tough to see
The wanting and needing of some to me!

I do not deny, that feeling inside
My mind is blowing but it won't decide,
What is it I want from the life I am holding
Or is it a case of a severe social Moulding.

I'm feeling more at ease with the thoughts in my head
My mind does not spin when I lie on my bed,
I bet this will sound strange to some who do not know me
I don't mind though Its I that needs to see.

Sitting here now and thinking about this
The fear has subsided, I feel a little bliss,
The thing I did do I am not proud about
But forever thankful for this extra shout.

The fear I do feel is a fear of not knowing
What does lie ahead with the time always growing,
The feelings I have felt are tough to push out
Its frightening to think of the fears that run throughout.

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Nobody knows what lies ahead, so i can see why u fear, nice poem rachel, full marks from my side.