The Frog

Be kind and tender to the Frog,
And do not call him names,
As 'Slimy skin,' or 'Polly-wog,'
Or likewise 'Ugly James,'
Or 'Gap-a-grin,' or 'Toad-gone-wrong,'
Or 'Bill Bandy-knees':
The Frog is justly sensitive
To epithets like these.

No animal will more repay
A treatment kind and fair;
At least so lonely people say
Who keep a frog (and, by the way,
They are extremely rare).

by Hilaire Belloc

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Very nice
Very nice line of poem
The frog is an animal, few people would love to admit. If we misbehave the animals, what should it be called, animalty or humanity? ? Thanks for the sharing.
(The Frog by Hilaire Belloc.) **Trivia with a twist. Fun for the reading.
We have two books w/this poem. In one the text reads Gap-a-grin (like above) and the other reads Gape-a-grin. Does anyone know which is correct?
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