RR (13-7-31 (see reverse) / Chennai born, now at Juhu, Mumbai, India)

The Frog In The Well

'Welcome to this well,
My friend, please tell
How big is your sea-well? '
Asked a frog in the well.

The sea isn't a well,
And has no circular wall
Why don't you go and see? '
Said the frog of the sea.

'No, if there's no wall
As tall as this well,
The sea water will
Seep out as well.'

'You'll go to the hell,
To me, if you again tell
That sea has no wall.'
Said the frog in the well.

Aren't there village folks
Even today, in their walks
Of life full of darkness
About the scientific progress?

Ask some of them why
An eclipse on the sky,
Of Solar or Lunar?
This'll be their answer.

'With its mouth wide open,
A serpent swallows the sun
Or the moon, causing eclipse.'
What an unbelievable nonsense?

'The end of the world is near.
Let people start their prayer
On the nearby mountain
As the catastrophe is certain.'

Some run up and down,
So saying to every one,
For this danger unseen
By the people, not keen.

The scientific knowledge
Should reach every village.
Then will there dwell
Any frog in the well?

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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