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The Frog Pool
(31 May 1890 - 14 August 1976 / Sandhurst, Victoria)

The Frog Pool

Poem By James Martin Devaney

Week after week it shrank and shrank
as the fierce drought fiend drank and drank,
till on the bone-dry bed revealed
the mud peeled;
but now tonight is steamy-warm,
heavy with hint of thunderstorm.

And hark! hark! hoarse and harsh
the throaty croak of the frogs in the marsh:
"Wake! wake! awake! awake!
The drought break!"
but no, that chorus seems to me
more a primeval harmony.

The thunder booms, the floods flow
blended with deeper din below,
and every time the skies crash
the swamps flash!
and the whole place will be tonight
a pandemonium of delight.

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Comments (6)

He brings excitement and the sense of you-are-there to his poetry about his beloved country
A nice poem the change of climate and welcome sounds of frog is really written in correct meanings and I like the poem.
Love this celebration of nature's event! Welcome, rain.
Beautiful, Pandemonium of delight. thanks.
Beautifully descriptive.