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The Frosty Season

'No snow. Not a single flake.
I feared it would be
this way.
The Universe hates me. But...
I said not a word. Did I? '
Tar said wearily,
You said not a word.'
'I held it in.
But...this is the last week
in February. Each day
the sun shines longer and longer.
Ehat chance is there?
Precious little.
A blizzard?
That's not even in my dreams.
But a few flakes...
that...that I want.'
Tarr slowly sipped his coffee
He seemed relaxed
and contented. A surge of anger
shot through me. He was not feeling
the pain I felt.
'Bill Chlupsa was right.
You're nothing but a caffeine junkie.
You'd sell your mother for a cup,
wouldn't you?
C'mon, have the guts to admit it.'
I know how much you look forward
to winter, but I don't like snow.
I live in Riverdale.
Icy roads add a good half hour,
forty-five minutes to the commute,
plus the driving is hazardous.'
'Who told you to live in the Bronx?
There fine apartments in Brooklyn.'
Bill Chlupsa
walked into the Teacher's Center.
I immediately said,
'No snow.
Not a single ice-crystal.
The Universe hates me.'
'Huh? '
'I said, 'No snow. The Universe hates me.' Are you deaf? '

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