The Fruit Of Deception

In this short life looms a quicker deception leading to longer death,
This will be the outcome for many when they hear The Lord's breath.

They too will be like the Antichrist, who is doomed to Eternal Death,
The Lord Jesus will overcome this wicked one simply with His breath.

Through the cunning work of the god of this world many are deceived,
They may have close fellowship as Judas did but never truly believed.

Always learning, but they never are able to acknowledge God's truth,
They think God's grace is freedom to sin and they walk about aloof.

They even walk around intellectually espousing some of God's Truth,
However The Truth never reached their heart to produce lasting fruit.

The fruit my friend is your deeds in life and some lives are a mess,
The lasting fruit comes from Heaven and is fruit of Righteousness.

Even if your life's a mess, The Good Lord is very Gracious my friend,
If you truly believe He'll clean you up and your wickedness will end.

The choice is yours as you can repent today and in The Lord believe,
Or be like many that profess today but have hearts that are deceived.

They choose to live their lives doing what's right in their own eyes,
God's not fooled and they'll find out one day and truly be surprised.

Even though they walked through life with eyes they chose not to see,
But they will one day when He says, I never knew you, depart from Me.

(Copyright © 05/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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