SMF ( / Neasden, London, England)

The Fruit Of Wine

Wine's can be fruity and richly dry.
Some wine's can be disgusting oh
heaven's know's why.
Smooth succulent spice
That tickles your tongue
A ripe damson fruit that mellow's
your gum.

Amid the wave's of your fruity wine
You seem to adopt, to a more,
selective vine.

The richness and complexity, to it's
ripe brewer self.
Your youthful taste, can't take anything else.

The sun ripened flavour, of peaches and grapes
The complex of elegants of world class,
in it's make.
What can you say, of a beautifully wine,
taste it, and beckon it, and decide
all in time.

by Susanna Magdalene Flavius

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