The Full Armour Of God

Poem By Dan McGonagle

When faced with the powers of Darkness
When evil consumes the weak
Its time to prepare for battle
But there are weapons you must first seek

If your heart is true and noble
Say a prayer bow your head and nod
If your soul is pure and holy
You'll receive the Full Armour of God

Put on the Shoes of Preparation
Make ready the Gospel of Peace
Gird yourself with the Belt of Truth
All lies and untruths will then cease

Next comes the breastplate of Righteousness
With this you can face any wrong
Now add the Shield of Faith to this
Your protection is incredibly strong

Hold fast to the Sword of the Spirit
With this you will bring evil low
Destroying your enemies by the power of His blood
Gods blade brings them down with one blow

Finally the Helmet of Salvation
Now evil has no power over you
For God stands there in the battles midst
Empowering everything that you do!

Comments about The Full Armour Of God

A very encouraging poem, Dan! Hold fast to the sword of the spirit. Blessings! !

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