(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Full Meaning Of Love

You know...
You are the first one in my life,
I have 'allowed' full reign.
And instead of appreciating this...
You will not let me get away with 'anything'.
You watch everything I do!
You have the ability to 'read' my movements.

When I said I love you.
And I was certain of it...
It was as if I had hired a personal trainer,
To control and conduct...
Every aspect of my business.

'Hey baby...
You'll get over it.
I've got your front,
Your back...
And everything defined in your mind.
Whatever and 'whomever'
You were involved with before...
You opened up your door?
To me and my talents?
Was not love!

I am going to show you,
The full meaning of love!
Trust me.
We are going to be together,
For the rest of our lives.
Can you feel it?
I know I can.'

That's great.
I need a moment alone...
To meditate.

'Sure, honey.
I am so glad we have that in common.
Take all the time you need.'

Our Father...
Who Art in Heaven.
Is this of Your doing?
Will You please RSVP me...
As soon as You receive this message.

It is of the utmost importance.

You will find me...
Praying for Your immediate response.
In a quiet space.
Awaiting to receive Your 'sign'.

Remember when I asked You for love,
Like none other I had ever known?
I think...
I'm not sure yet.
But I 'think'...
I should have qualified my requirements.
Please confirm 'THIS' as Your gift.

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