The Funeral

In this God given earth
Things seem unfair
And all things happen for a reason
And it may seem to much to bare
God gives us life
God takes it away
He gives us the night
He gives us the day
God does a lot of things
We don't understand
Why he created women
Why he created man
Why did he create everything we see
And create everything we say
Why did he fill the world full of love
And why did he take you away
Why did he take you to be with him
When we want you so much down here
And even though you're not here any more
Is still feels like you are near
The few times we have spent with you
Just don't seem like enough
And for years to come, We'll think of you
And for years it going to be tough
They say when a baby is born
Everybody rejoices and the baby
Is the on who cries
In death, everybody cries, except for one
And the one who dies rejoices
Not a day goes by
We don't think about you
And sometimes I brake down and cry
And wonder why did you have to
Leave us so soon
If there's a reason
What is it? And Why?
You came into our lives
And left as quick
And will you know how much
You meant to us . . . never
We love you, We miss you
We'll never forget you
You will be in our hearts forever…

by David Michael Kern

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so Beautiful and true it made me cry, Thank you from one Kern to another.