The Funniest Little Character

She waddles like a dainty duck,
Until she falls over of course,
The view from the floor isn’t as fabulous,
But she drags he eyes past with force.

Past the things she’s seen before,
Like everything is new,
She spots you and you have to play,
Cover your eyes and…PEEK-A-BOO!

Her chuckle could turn any frown,
And her eyes would bring a tear,
She’s the youngest entertainer,
With the experience of a year.

She’s known to some as hunny-bunch,
But others call her trouble,
She works her way into a mess,
From her nose she blows a bubble.

She’s the funniest little character,
As she sighs her single sigh,
And when you have to leave her,
She waves to you goodbye.

by Lottie Hammond

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this one is also a good one and you can never resist the charms of a young child