HP (08-07-1975 / Kansas)

The Fury Of Yon Furball

the fury of yon furball

furry and fluffy always ready to roll
pouncing n prancing never takes a toll
she climbs the curtains in the blink of an eye
springing back to the ground and on the fly
she heads for a ball that bounces and jingles
my head hurts from the sounds of pounding and tingles
from this four legged fury that runs rampant around
teeth chewing that corner of carpet on the ground
jumps in my lap little claws in my thigh
then off a running again at the sound of my sigh
litter box litter strewn all about
as she kicks it with paws and a playful pout
next are the venetian blinds torn and tattered
off to her next chore of chaos this evil mad hatter
time to play and splash water from her bowl with glee
ruining my wood floors she is still on her spree
the next thing to go are the computers power chords
this hairy little critter i'm telling you i cannot even afford
before i know it she is climbing my back like a tree
i'm gonna kill her and confess.. it was me.. it was me
i can't take it anymore she forced my hand
i give quick pursuit as she dives under ye old tv stand
shaking it in hopes of flushing out my enemy
she comes out all sad eyed in apparent apology
she rolls on her back and quickly falls asleep
i am thankful for the silence now there isn't a peep
i lay there beside her ready to rest
but kitty naps are quick and i'm not so luckily blessed
up and purring away she is off again
next time i think loudly thru my chagrin
a dog i will buy if i live through this pain
can't be worse then wee little kitty paws driving me insane

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