~*the Future...

Christmas.. What a bundle of joy :)
My baby got her christmas tree up..
Lights and all.. her present in my pocket..
When is the prefect time to present it?
Its a ring.. Diamonds her favorite..
I cant wait to see her face..
She told me forever..
normally I wouldnt believe..
but that look in her eyes.. when she lays with me at night..
tells me... that forever..... Is Real.

My head telling me to run.. it'll be like the others.. run while you got your heart intact..
Then my heart tells me to stay... take the risk.. cuz she might just be my soulmate.

So I stayed..
another month goes by..
I'm in love.. she knows it too..
I brought the ring..
and it never... felt so good....

I'm done looking.. I've found the girl I wanna make my wifey..
We've been through everything together..
a best friend to a lover..
never thought it could be..
but here we are.. hand in hand.. loving every second of it... :)

I love you baby! ! ! ! !

by Dislocated Heart

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so i guess u moved on and im no longer in ur life wow tht was quick i guess im going to move on 2