AG (3-7-89 / Erie, PA)

The Future In The Mirror

Looking at this handwritting
makes me feel hungry,
as he looks at himself
in the mirror
his wet hair.

The distance between us
is only
a room away,
until the arrival
of my hungry body,
as it sits here on this couch
in the past,
as he waits
for my future presence.

Within the silence
among the snowy stars,
the tissue box
remains empty.

An angel in pain,
the dead one
Endless in time,
as soon as I see him
in the next room.

This paper is ice,
frozen in time.
These words last forever,
just like the wind in travel.

Destroy regrets that suffer
and turn to coal,
as without knowing it,
we would be distant
and no longer
would be everywhere,
in the mirror.

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