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The Future Is Near
MC Mike Christie (10-13-1988 / Memphis, Tennesee)

The Future Is Near

What makes man better than beast,
Our own emotions are sent out to feast.
We care not about the feelings of people,
we search for forgiveness under church steeples.
Why should we care for for the common good,
I stand on my feelings and there i have stood.
Belittle our kind, gentle hearted can't win,
if you help others, you'll be slapped down again.
To be contained within a cage,
will release man's evil and all of his rage.
Search not in your brain, but within your heart,
we can make a difference, let's begin from the start.
Nurture the youth, for I've seen what I've done,
I wish nothing like me on my future son.
We can all start to be one and unite,
but to be a great nation we all must all stand and fight.

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