The Future Mrs.Bling- Fun

Poem By Lisa Cresswell Wilkinson

Now this lady she parades round her shopping mall
She admires herself as she stands strong and tall
She window shops the jewellers but doesnt buy a thing
But somehow comes home all kitted out in Bling

She spends many a night gambling her benefits on strip poker
But loses the lot to her friend the pawn broker
She begs her future hubby, shes so desperate she'll rob
'If you want gems my love you'll have to go get a job'

Hes doing a stretch in prison - got hammered with 'life'
For selling his poor seventy five year old wife
She was the first bride that he met on the net
But his obsession for bling got as hard as it could get
So he made out an advert that said 'Lady of the night'
And put up her pic on that famous auction site

Now Earnest he sleeps with Babs pic by his bed
The magistrates have solemly granted they wed
But poor old Earnest Bling aint a penny to his name
So his dear fiancee Babs takes a job 'on the game'

Now the happy day arrives, her dress black and gold pleat
Along comes handcuffed Earnest -who has freezing cold feet
'Im jilting you darling Ive been foolish you see'
'Marriage is for life and I need to be free! '

Comments about The Future Mrs.Bling- Fun

This is fantastic poem, Thanks for sharing.
Welcome back Lisa, and with an imaginative poem to boot. Well done...
Lisa, great ot have you back in form... And what great form it is! Fascinating story cleverly told. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
My own dear Lisa This is just one hundred gold bars a bullion of a poem I just loved it Cheers Sylviex
What a fascinating story! Cheers for your rich imagination. I love both the imagery and atmosphere of this piece. And it ends with just the right ironic twist of fate. Excellent, Lisa. Love, Sandra

4,8 out of 5
5 total ratings

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