The Future Of A Weed

The eternal future of every weed is truly a very bleak one indeed,
And even though they do not believe, they are truly a soul in need.

They are not planted by God and have no divine purpose at all,
Instead they are simply used by the devil to deceive man to fall.

For Satan cunningly plants them all around with one purpose in mind,
It is to grow up with the children of God only to deceive and malign.

But The Lord is gentle in hope that some weeds will come to believe,
For at one point in time we too were lost in the world and deceived.

Jesus pulled me out of the soil of darkness filled with ugly blight,
He then planted me on The Eternal Rock and filled with His Own Light.

He gave to me His Light my friend, so that I could share it with you,
Friend Christ died for the ungodly, which means He died for you too.

Put away your empty laughter, and be filled with the joy of The Lord,
He died to save you I promise, and by God you have not been ignored.

Christ is coming at the end of the harvest to take out all the weeds,
Christians alone will be judged and rewarded for all of their deeds.

The weeds will be tossed into darkness, and will never laugh again,
Only weeping and gnashing of teeth with not even Satan for a friend.

Continue to harden your heart my friend and you will eternally lose,
Imagine, hearing forever the last voice that shared the good news.

(Copyright © 02/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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