Let Him Go

You take him to the schools front door
and tell him its okay.
First day of school, there's so much more,
you truly want to say.
You fight back tears, and act so strong,
but you cant let him know,
Its hard to let go of his hand,
its hard to let him go.

First day without the training wheels,
its time he learned to ride.
You hang on to his seat and jog,
and coax him, by his side,
The time has come to take the chance
to let him go solo.
He'll never understand the strength it takes
to finally let him go.

He stands beside the family car,
with license in his hand.
How time has got away from you,
you'll never understand.
You state the rules, he rolls his eyes,
and says he'll take it slow.
Its time to trust in God and luck,
its time to let him go.

In Cap and Gown, he walks the aisle,
and steps up on the stage.
Although you've both grown older,
somehow its you that feels your age.
You've held back tears so many times,
its time to let them flow.
You've turned your boy into a man,
its time to let him go.

Lord give me strength to do my part
to humbly step aside.
To understand the difference
between advice and pride.
You gave to me an infant son,
to train, and teach, and grow.
Remind me that's it was Your plan
....to one day let him go.

by Perry Biggerstaff

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