NME ( / Orange, CA, USA)

The Gambler

Oh, Lady Luck, where do you hide?
Is it now my turn? Are you by my side?
I'll take all the help that you can bestow
And show you how far a winner can go.
Can you give me a number or a little clue?
A little tip and I'll know what to do.
The lottery beckons with its chance to win.
In only an hour the game will begin.
I've looked for you here. I've looked for you there.
Can't you give me more than a single or pair?
Does it matter to you if I win the game?
Can't my life be touched by glory and fame?
You've not been fair. You've passed me by.
I'm pinning you down. Just tell me why?
The game is now over and my chances are dead,
So, til next week, ignore what I said.

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