DBT ( / Bandon by the Sea, OR, USA)

The Game

Now, here's the scene, created universe.
God made it, and so he's the one in charge.
He's mean, vengeful, blood thirsty and perverse.
Demands submission, ego extra large.
The devil is his firm antagonist.
He's not as mean as god, a friendly guy.
Believes in god, he is no atheist.
His job is stealing humans on the sly.
Satan uses guile and lots of bluff.
Dumb people always fall for trickery.
Leads them to think religion's not enough.
He salts their minds with reason vagary.
God hates the devil, makes him live in fire.
But, Satan doesn't seem to mind a bit.
His mood is good, he likes to be a liar.
A better man than god I must admit.

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