Another missed opportunity
Another stolen chance
A page ripped out of the finale
The music lifted from a dance

Not wanting the world to know
I watch you through a veil of apathy
Lost in the space between the pauses
Questioning your feelings for me

Measuring the changes I see in myself
Against others I've loved in times past
Trying to label a bottle peeled
Assuming a title will make it last

For just a bit longer
Just to drag out the ache
My chest fills with more affection
With every disappointed sigh I take

Control slips through the cracks
Until every dropp is lost
Something I always thought I needed
I exchange for you, unaware of the cost

But this sickness is a pleasure
When the contagion is you
Breathing in your vapors
Wondering how many sick days I can accrue

For you...I would send myself into a frenzy
Riding a carousel of anxious anticipation
I jump...with no parachute to hold me
Just for a brief glance
You are my most fantastic fixation

by Aria Siren

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