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The Game
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The Game

Poem By Hani El Bahey

Sometimes at night when I’m all alone
I can’t help but think how I have grown
through the years with all my trials
seeing God sign all the files

So many memories of good and bad
all the friendships I have had
Love comes and love is gone
all is over, said and done

Been with alot of women,
and to us men that was cool.
But i didn't mean to do so,
love just had a way of being cruel.

And now after all that,
one person sticks to my heart.
i care about her alot,
and hoped that we would never part.

but all good things come to an end,
and in one move i lost my love and friend.
I loved you so deeply, how could you go,
when our friendship and love were just starting to grow.

What have I done to send you away?
Will you be back in my life again someday?
I thought what we had, was nothing but true,
you said that you loved me, I was important to you.

Realizing you're gone,
makes me sad and blue.
I'm sorry for everything i've done,
cause i know it's my fault, too.

Stupid me
Why did I fall
Knowing there was a chance
Of losing it all…

Just when I thought
I moved on,
Gotten used to the fact
That you were gone…

You talked to me
And I talked back.
For once in my life
The conversation didn't lack.

You told me you loved me
and didn't mean to break my fragile heart
You make me so confused
I don't know where to start

All this time, it was a game,
at which I thought I'd won
But tomorrow is another day
And the game is not yet done

You were the one for me.
You were my destiny.
I loved you more than life itself.
I prioritized you over everyone else.

It's too bad you never understood
I loved you as much as I could.
I talked about you night and day.
Too bad all those feelings have gone away.

All I wanted was to feel your warm embrace
And gaze at your pretty face.
I waited for you on my hands and knees.
Now that I am gone- you will see?

Though I wanted to be with you at any cost,
Our game of love just ended... and you've lost.

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