NF (19/06/67 / London)

The Game

Did you forget you loved me as you looked into her eyes?
Did your heart not feel me dying as you felt so alive?

Could my soul not lure you as you kissed her sweet red lips?
Could my love not persuade you to release her firm hips?

Did you not remember how you loved me so much
as your body surrendered toJezebels touch?

Could nothing remind you as your rhytums began
that shes somebodys woman and your somebodys man?

Did you not stop to worry as you melted to one
that you may never stop all the tears you've begun?

As she lay in your arms with her satisfied sighs
did you think of the pain that would bleed from these eyes?

As I walked in the bedroom and found you together
did you know its the end of our always forever?

So dont look for forgiveness as your tears start to fall
as I see I should never have loved you at all.

But please always remember as I walk away
that my heart was destroyed by the games that you play?

by nicola forbes

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heartfelt and full of pain. A ten! Purple Rose