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The Game

A seductive glance, a sultry smile
Weapons intended to charm and beguile
They'll be sweet they'll be sexy, whichever they choose
Just two out of many person as they use
Both are effective when asking his name
Deception and lies are a part of the game
No flaw in their makeup they fool many men
As they trap them in webs that they weave out of sin
Blinded by smiles that promise much more
Small chance of surviving the danger in store
The stakes are quite high, everything that you cherish
The winner takes all...The losers all perish
Once you've begun the game goes much faster
A one way ticket to impending disaster
Little by little they take total control
They start with your heart and end up with your soul
They'll ignore all your pleading they'll ignore all your cries
You'll see no compassion as you look in their eyes
So when a game's being played and you're asked to join in
find out all the rules...before you begin

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