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The Game
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The Game

Poem By Matt Palmer

Let’s play the word game
And think of pretty things to say
It's the perfect thing to do
In this lovely month of May
When pretty girls and pretty boys go strolling by the bay
So tuck away your shame
And make your main concern
A flirty sort of look
And I'll pretend you took my heart
And you pretend you're falling
And I'll pretend to catch you
And both our names will be 'Darling'
Then when things get boring
Well, it won't matter much
Those silly words will save us
And we'll make such a fuss
About your eyes and about my hair
And I'll sing such joyful nothing into the air
And we'll care, we'll care, we'll care, we’ll care
So, every time we're hand in hand
It's the word game for us
Oh, we'll seek what we know
And we'll hide what we feel
And while we chit-chat, we'll pretend that it's real
That the glimmer of a ghost is a passion's flame burning
And that our love is more than just clockwork turning
But when the fun's over, please, don't shed a tear
‘Cuz I'm telling you now, it's just a game, dear
And on some other day, in this lovely month of May
I'll have another friend with me to play

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