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The Game Of Love(Tricked)
MS (1991 / Baltimore, Maryland)

The Game Of Love(Tricked)

Poem By Michael Smith

Breathe for a second...
It's time to soak it all in.
The game you thought you'd never lose.
Turns out you didn't win.
The game of love.
Shows that I was always stuck on the first level.
Cupid couldn't even save me.
Tormented by the love devil.
Only had one life.
To win the whole game.
Did good on some parts...
But the results still remain the same.
It's easier said than done.
To win this game of love.
The love I thought was worth winning.
Was pointless thinking of.
Trying to all of my mistakes.
Fix myself & even fix you.
Tried to guide myself to the final level.
Breathe for a second...
This game of love tricked you.


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i liked this one i actually went through this. :) good job