(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Game Of Maintained Corruption

How corrupted is the game,
That maintains ongoing corruption?
From politics to religion.
With a feeding of a mindset,
The nonsense 'commoners' have...
In keeping a belief,
That those they elect...
To represent their interests,
Do this with the best of intent,
And made decisions.
This would make for a good tearjerker.
If this was remotely true.
Back to life and reality!

Why is it that a people must collect,
Hundreds of millions of dollars...
To prove themselves above the rest.
Making speeches and campaign stops.
Pretending themselves to be...
Like a suburban neighbor.
Or an urban dweller on any street block.
Just to be the voice heard loud and clear,
Among others heard to hear.
When that money they all have collectively,
Collected and spent...
Could rebuild a corroding infrastructure.
Shelter those homeless and hungry.
Pay college tuition for those seeking education.
Create jobs for everyone.
And provide free medical attention,
Throughout the nation.

These same people running for political office.
And religiously done to do.
For a position that pays,
Far less than the millions they have raised.
Throwing it away to claim,
The needs of the people are more important.
More to them priortized.
Each step of the way.
Manage to they do to sell more B.S.
In New found ways to impress.
And sold from both sides of their mouths.
Whether they are on the right or left.
Conservative, liberal or an independent thinker.
They all ride,
On the backs of either animated elephants or donkeys.
Sustaining a game to benefit delusions.
With higher taxes to pay,
That are slapped on the backs of made fools.
Cheering the feeding,
Of whoever proves they can best shovel the crap!
To eventually want by thousands as a souvenir.
Maintaining the game of corruption to reminisce,
Witnessing and being a part of it.

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