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The Game Of Rape (Aka: My Father's Love)
EM (January 23,1990 / )

The Game Of Rape (Aka: My Father's Love)

Poem By Emily Myers

This hate, it’s leading you astray; farther
and farther it begins to take you away
from the daughter you once loved and gave.
Gave her away to the dark side of
your game. Now my sister is here, striving and
over achieving to over compensate for all the
things you took before leaving. You ruined
her dreams and drug her into the game she
never wanted, expected, to play. This debacle
of rape, of hate, it takes everything she has
away. No more sunshine, only cloudy
days; she can’t even say, scream, bleed
the pain away. Erase it all away, remove
her from the day to day, . She is finished
with her father’s game. She releases
herself from his prison of hate.

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Comments (1)

The most hopeful line in your whole poem is 'she releases herself from HIS prison of hate.' What an outstanding feat of courage, of sheer bravery...to release yourself from the prison of another's hatred. Strong writing in this poem.