(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

The Games Being Played Today

The games being played today,
Are are old as those used...
By the kid who refuses,
Others to play ball in the schoolyard.
IF he doesn't get his way.

And as those stand by to watch one confident,
And prepared to hit homeruns...
The one who has let others use his equipment,
Will take all of it away and threaten to run...
To ensure even his own team will be defeated.
If his way isn't eventually pleased.

'What are you doing?
Are you nuts? '

~That's my ball and that's my bat.
And if you all had realized that...
I'd be the one to be the focus of your praise.~

'But why should we all suffer,
Because you want 'him' seen the one defeated?
We all came out here to play ball...together.'

~But does he have to brag about what he can do? ~

'We all have done that.
And you have done that before too!
But the others kids who are here to see us play,
Could care less who equipment is used.
To delay or stop the game we came to play.'

~But I am the one who wants to be seen as the winner.
Not him.~

'Your misdeed is perceived as unfortunate.
Since your actions have left no one interested.'

~I don't care.
You all hate me because my family is rich.
We did pay our taxes!
And I know it.~

What on Earth are your talking about, Skip? '

~I know what's been said behind my back.
I'm not the one here who is stupid.~

'Prove it.'

~What is the reality of 'our' relationship? ~

You are making absolutely no sense.'

~Prove it.~

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What an outburst! Nice to play around with ball and bat!