(3 August,1976 / Bareilly (U.P.))

The Ganga

Mob beside the pyre
with the fearless children
I behold women near the fire
Screaming at the funeral
On the ground near water
Defiled, repulsive water
Ashes of the dead in the Ganga
Hovering everywhere on water
The most sacred of the past
The most defiled of the present
Alas! alas! India's divorced mother
Is that not the mother Ganga?
Alas! thy glorious past
Is moving to its last
Would future generations ever think
Of the Ganga and with it our link?
Would anyone save It from the pack?
O! my father beyond the sky
Would you listen with my cry?
Call it back
Or we 'll sack
The Bhagirathian lament
Over the lost moment
The dead sons of Sagar
Sixty thousands in number
For their salvation It came
And we are still playing a game
God repents for this creation
Since its unfortunate inception
The Ganga descended from heaven
So we are trying to raven
Look! the muddy waves
Shrinking banks into the sand
Are we blind or caught in the caves?
Don't we love this dear land?
She is crying for love and care
Do we have time to spare?

by R.K.S. Yadav

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