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The Garden

Oh! How beautiful it is to sit in the Garden;
It is so fascinating to watch the trees dancing with soft and cool breath
Of the winter wind;
And it is relaxing to listen to the soft music of the water falls
and the sweet voices of the birds;
And it's so wonderful to gaze at the mysterious beauty of the sky;

Oh! I feel good resting in the Garden
As I am surrounded with green plants and trees;
But, how I wish that I would see lots of flowers with variety of colors and scents
until the next time I would visit the Garden;

After each day of my work, in this beautiful weather, I am looking forward
To sit and observe the beauty and cleanliness of our Garden
As it makes me calm, comfortable and it meditates my soul.

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Comments (4)

Absolutely beautifully written, so much imagination. I could almost visualise myself there! Well done. Love Deborah
Wonderfully described Mary Ann, a garden is the place of the soul, a resting place from all adversity. Lovely subject, well written. Love Ernestine XXX
The simplicity of your imagery, suits the subject of natures healing, very well in this poem of yours Mary. Very relaxing work. Thanks for sharing. 10 from smiling Tai
Great poem Mary I give you a 10 well done...