The Garden

sometimes late at night
when the whole world is asleep
i walk alone through a garden
of memories that i keep

the roses speak to me
of a love that i once knew
when the flowers were only promises
that glistened beneath the dew

the violets and the daffodils
had yet to show their face
or to fill the air with fragrance
in this secret, sacred place

you and i would come here
to talk the day away
our hearts and hands entwined
as the trees would gently sway

the harshness of the world
would soon be left behind
as we watched the flowers grow
in this garden so refined

it was here we made our plans
it was here we built our dream
it was here we sat in silence
and listened to the stream

then winter came along
the sky turned dark and cold
suddenly you were no longer there
for me to reach out and hold

a vicious north wind crept up
while our backs were to the sun
we had no warning at all
we had no chance to run

when the storm had finally passed
and i saw the light of dawn
i sat alone and wept (when)
i realised you were gone

such a sadness overwhelmed me
i felt my heart would break in two
i cried out to god and begged him
to let me go with you

i couldn't bear the thought
of facing spring alone
or trying to start over
in that garden we had known

but it seems the lord had other plans
for he chose to leave me here
alone in our secret place
where i feel you oh so near

theres a sweetness in the air
a scent of you i can't deny
sometimes you're so real to me here
that all i can do is cry

you'll always be in this place
like the blood flowing through my veins
i'll see you in the sunlight
i'll feel you in the rain

i'll touch you when i hold
a velvet rose in my hand
the way your love touches me
through this simple gold band

and even though a part of me
will never be the same -
a place of peace this will be
for the wind knows your name.

by Cheryl Adair

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Cheryl, I thank you for digging these out before they were completely covered with the dust of forgetmenots. Very good reading. H