(1950 / )

The Garden: First Delight

A pretty garden in sunshine and in rain
Dahlias, Vanda orchids, Barbados pride
Lots more, single petalled and double
Hummingbirds, danced the backwards dance,
That no other bird did, or maybe could not;

The weeds grew unannounced, uninvited;
In lieu of a beating, children pulled these weeds,
To their benefit, venting anger for reproach;
The parents thought they won, let them think so,

Children can win, at the game of: 'do this, do so, '
The Pomerac tree, carpeted the sight of friends, and,
Visitors alike, with its very pink, yet delicate blossom fall;

A lovely transition to delicious mealy fruit
© gillena cox 2015

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