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The Garden Of Love
DCK ( / Houston, Texas)

The Garden Of Love

Poem By Dawn Cahoon Kniff

May the seeds that I sow, fall into good ground,
and the purifying rain, cause them to grow.
The beautiful sunshine bring warmth all around.
In the heart of the day, gentle breezes blow.

And, may each stage of the unfoldment bring joy.
From the roots growing deeper; through Winter days,
Faithful efforts to protect, nurture... I employ ...
Into Spring's full bloom, my grateful eyes, to gaze.

Painting colors... blended on a canvas, green.
this beautiful Art- Work of nature is free...
For all passing by, to be enjoyed, when seen...
Complete, within framework of Birds in the Tree.

The finest of Perfumes, float into the air...
Lifting the spirits... and the senses inspire.
May all who in this infinite beauty share,
Have their hopes and aims lifted a bit higher.

At nurturing, may I always do my best,
So I may see continued blooming, each Spring,
With deep faith that Divine Love will do the rest.
And into my Garden, purer beauty bring.

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