The Garden Of Love

they called it a heavenly place
but sadness covers each face
each is filled with fire
running after his desire
in this garden, i had seen
leaves are red and no green
in this garden, they all weep
and some pretending to asleep
they say they feel well
just when in love they fell
in this garden, water is tears
and nomore green trees
they said love will make them shine
so they drank all its wine
but their garden is now their graves
and to love, they are all its slaves
each is crying night and day
and nomore words to say
except to tell them 'weep weep'
or 'in death, go sleep'
they entered his garden with their feets
thinking they will find sweets
in the garden of love, there is only pain
in the garden of love, there is no gain

sarah abo zeid

by Sarah Abu Zeid

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