The Gardener

Poem By jackie compton

I work the field from dust to dawn.
I am the good Gardener.
The one that turns the soil.
Cultivate the earth that provide mankind every need.
It was I that planted you my flower in the garden of life.

It was I that tilled the fertile soil from dust to dawn.
Yes it was I that pulled up the negative weeds.
So they could not blot out the warmth of the sun.
Yes! It was I that cast them into the sea of forgiveness.

So they would never rise and trouble you again.
It is I that planted every seed that grows in the garden of life.

With these hands I gently place them in the warm womb of
mother earth.
there I sheltered them from the winter storm of hate.
It was I that protected them from the grub worms of injustice.
When they thirst it was I that sent down a gentle rain.

The milk of life from mother earth breast.
I cloth them in a winter white blanket of compassion.
It matter not the color of your pedals come spring.
The only thing that truely matter my child.
Is that you become a living breathing soul.
In the garden of life.

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