KC (7-10-88 / palm springs)

The Gentle Whisper Of A Broken Soul.

There is a voice that I sometimes hear that comes from deep inside my soul. It calls to me, willing me to hope and to dream. To want and to wait. And yet sometimes that voice is so strong, so loud, that I can no longer hear it calling to me.
As much as I strain to hear it, the more faint it becomes. Only an outside force could cause this. I find that force to be disappointment. The disappointment that comes when the things that I wish or, that I wait for... just seem to fade away. Or just simply don't turn out to be what they had initially seemed to be.
This seems to happen every time that I try and fulfill the hopes that my soul whispers continually. And although the hope never fades away, that voice, the one of wishes, is overcome by the disappointment.
It is so difficult to hope when disappointment seems to be your only companion. I want to scream to it, to fight for the hope. I put up a brave fight. Hope is strong, though it is tossed aside along with the heart that it lives in.
And so that voice, one of kindness and hope, calls out once again, catching my attention, readying itself for the next skirmish. And I listen to the whisper, biding my time, waiting for the day when the whisper becomes a song... and the waiting stops.

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Touching.... penned from the heart.