MHS (89-01-29 / Stockholm)

The Gentlemen

As time passes by,
A gentlemen walks nearby
To see all the sorrow,
The hate, the suffering and the agony, that exists in this world.

In this world, there's nothing he can't see.
Except his own faults
And while he sees it all, the sorrow, the hate, the suffering and the agony
No one sees him.

And he's alone again.
With his own agony and pain
And no one else to blame, but himself
And he curse.

He curses it all.
This world,
This suffering,
And this hate

This hate that he feels
Because no one.
Absolutely no one
Cares about how he feels.

This suffering he feels.
Because he can't feel
As they feel.
This thing called love.

This disgusting word, which he hates
Oh! how he hates it.
It burns within him.
And he wants to destroy this thing.
This thing called love.

But he keeps on walking.
Because he knows that time is short.
And he knows that he can't destroy a feeling, in another man.
But he buries his hate in a chest.

And when the time is right
When the thin line between love and hate is crossed
He will release it upon the world.
And we all shall be damned.

Damned to hate, and to realise that we have done wrong
We shall all be damned, if he succeeds.
Don’t let him succeed. Or he will damn us all.

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