BCF ((May 13th,1988- / New York)

The Genuwine Pickup Line

My beautiful queen, I don't mean to intervene
But i see you here all alone, no man to call your own.
So allow me to appreciate how beautiful you really are
I seen you over there, but over there was kind of far.
So far of a walk
do you mind if i sit down while we talk?
So tell me about yourself but allow me to introduce myself first
Byron Cornell Ford was the name given to me at birth,
I wanna make this conversation work, i promise not to be rude
when were done here could i interest you in some food?
I'm being careful with my choice of words,
soft-spoken but speaking loud enough to be heard
I'm self-concious but with you the last thing on my mind is myself
I hope your ready for love cause i dont wanna be with anyone esle
Financially I dont need any help
but the last thing I want is a women in love with my wealth
So tell me how you feel, be honest and keep it real
I got a broken-heart that only an angel like you could heal.

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That is the 'Genuwine Pickup Line! ' That poem was off the hook! Keep doin' your thing! ! Well done!