The Get-A-Away

the sun has fell
day is at rest
darkness overcomes
the infinate skies
stars shine bright
it is time for

i lay my head
upon a silken pillow
rays of moonlight shine
through the blinds
i close my eyes
and o! the sight i see.

i'm upon a golden dragon's back
soaring over the clouds
flying high into the sky
casting a shadow on the
land below.

the moon is high
the land unexplored
we land in a grass field
as the warm breeze blows

i see someone in the grass
he is wondering
his eyes bright green
hair snow white
tall and lanky

sun shines brightly through
the windows
an alarm clock buzzes
it's time
wake up.

wait, i want to know
what was about to happen
is he kind?
what will happen to me?
i'll be back...

by Kayla Cooper

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Fanciful and dreamy. I hate it when I wake up before the end. Excellent write.