Trees are full of foliage
It's springtime
The leaf-eater goat
In the shades of those leaves
The maddening blood of the season courses through the body.
Jumping nimbly from one branch to another
The simian plays its impish games.
It never occurs to this breed
To build a shelter out of these leaves.
Time that withers the leaves has no fear
Stark landscape of the fall has gone to its oblivion
With omnipotence of spring
I bring omniscience
As if my vanity shall remain
Even when I am dead and gone
On this land
Make an effigy in my own image
If you need a purge
Would the arrangement be complete for an eternal campaign
With egotism shorn of unity
The olive color of the noble times
Showers like heavenly blessings
I accept it as a garland in my neck.
(Translated from original Assamese by Uttam Kumar Borthakur)

by Prayag Saikia

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............very nice...excellent write....brotherhood and love and honour is a beautiful motto ★
This was a FANTASTIC poem! Im shocked that no one haz commented on it yet! give it a 20 if I could. Wonderful job. ~! *~Shelby